Being in the finance business I know how tough it can be juggling investors, lenders, and everyday issues. Sentinel’s professionalism, transparency, and responsiveness has been outstanding. I have several investments with Sentinel, and they have performed admirably. Whenever I come across an investor looking to place money, Sentinel Net Lease is first on my list.
Jole Flig
Joel Flig
President | Mountainside Capital
When reviewing a real estate partner, I look for excellence as an operator and an asset manager. As an operator, Sentinel Net Lease proves honest, accurate and timely communication that is easy to review and share with my accountant. As an asset manager Sentinel searches the market for opportunistic investments supported by detailed due diligence of the risk and prudent tax accounting. As I like to say…think bigger, get better and own it. Sentinel checks all three of those boxes.
Dan Carpenter
Regional Manager | Mutual of Omaha
When it comes to investing, the single most important element (above performance, earnings, opportunities, etc.) I’ve found in any good relationship is trust. That’s what I have with Dennis, Andrew, and Fred. Every question I’ve asked has been answered directly and promptly. They operate with full transparency, and they communicate clearly and consistently. On top of that, they do offer great investment opportunities, all of which have been great performers as originally speculated to be. Which, in my mind means they have good financial sense and judgment. That’s because they do their homework and then some. Can’t say enough good things about them. If I had more dollars to invest, I’d go with this team for sure.
Scott Edwards
Scott Edwards
Executive Vice President | Fox Entertainment
I am a big fan of the Sentinel team. I have been investing with them for several years now and appreciate the thoughtfulness they bring to the net lease space. They continue to identify interesting investments in unique locations that provide tax-efficient cash flow with potential upside. It is a great way for me to diversify with smart people I trust.
Steve Jasa
Steve Jasa
Chief Financial Officer | The Wolff Company
I own numerous investment properties and being naturally cautious I rarely participate as a purely passive investor. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by Sentinel Net Lease over the last few years. The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns meeting or exceeding the initial business plans. The team's knowledge and attention to market opportunities and disciplined underwriting and risk management have been instrumental in Sentinel's success and great performance.
Yanir Ram
Chief Financial Officer | DRI Holdings
The Sentinel Net Lease team are seasoned and savvy investors who tirelessly source niche assets in healthy yet less accustomed markets, producing superior risk-adjusted returns. Their communications with investors are consistently excellent from offering memorandum through asset management to exit. I trust them implicitly with my own capital.
Luke Radlinski
Director | Anchorage Capital

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